Celebrate the Deadpool Movie With New Discounted Marvel Heroes 2016 DLC

on February 12, 2016 1:20 PM

Ah, Deadpool. One of the internet’s most beloved comic book characters is getting his own movie opening in theatres this weekend, and some new content for Marvel Heroes 2016 has just launched to commemorate occasion.

The “Deadpool Pack” for the superhero themed MMO-ARPG adds the merc with a mouth and plenty of costumes. This week only, fans can snatch him up for a discounted price of $29.99. Typically, the content pack runs at $39.99. Here’s what that purchase nets you:


  • Deadpool in his default Modern Costume
  • Deadpool Zen Costume
  • Deadpool Pirate Enhanced Costume
  • Lady Deadpool Enhanced Costume
  • Deadpool X-Force Costume
  • Deadpool Hero S.T.A.S.H. (extra Hero specific inventory)
  • Deadpool the Kid Team-Up
  • Headpool Pet

Deadpool will surely add a nice flavor to the game for fans of the fourth-wall breaking hero. Marvel Heroes 2016 is avialable for PC and Mac on Steam.

As a test subject in the same Weapon X program that had previously given Wolverine his adamantium claws and skeleton, Wade Wilson received a healing factor that prevented his cancer from killing him. Wade soon escaped the program and became a freelance mercenary using the name Deadpool, working for various criminal organizations. At times he has teamed up with heroes as well, but these attempts at “being a good guy” rarely stick for long.


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