Celebrities Invade Fallout: New Vegas Cast

By Jon Ireson

August 10, 2010

Wayne Newton becomes wasteland radio personality “Mr. New Vegas” and is joined by a packed cast of Hollywood regulars such as Emmy nominated Ron Perlman whose work includes the lead role of “Hellboy”. Other stars include Matthew Perry of “Friends” fame, William Sadler, Zach Levi, Felicia Day, Michael Dorn (from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”), Danny Trejo who starred in “From Dusk Till Dawn”, Kris Kristofferson who was in the “Blade Trilogy”, John Doman, and Rene Auberjonois.

Ron Perlman will become the narrator for Fallout: New Vegas once again returning to narrate the franchise as he has in past Fallout titles while Matthew Perry will voice “a smooth-talking, two faced gangster”. Three celebs even voice acted for companions in the game who will accompany the player in his journey. Danny Trejo will become Raul the Ghoul, Zach Levi plays the role of Arcade the rebel with a shady background, and Felicia Day acts as a Brotherhood of Steel companion with an attitude named Veronica.

We are told to expect even more celebrity voices when Fallout: New Vegas ships to North America this October 19th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC (hitting in Europe on October 22nd).

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