Celeste Devs Celebrate 3rd Anniversary by Creating Celeste Classic 2

Celeste Devs Celebrate 3rd Anniversary by Creating Celeste Classic 2

It's the third anniversary for Celeste. To celebrate, the devs took a weekend to create Celeste Classic 2 as a homage to the original game jam version.

Celeste is one of the better platforming games to come out during the last generation of consoles. The tough-as-nails platformer has built up a dedicated community and received universal critical acclaim. It’s pretty incredible when you think about how the game started as a small, PICO-8 project the dev team made in four days at a game jam. Well, recently the game had its third anniversary and the devs decided to celebrate with something really cool. Check it out below.

Celeste Classic 2 was, like its predecessor, created during a short game jam. Of course, that means fans shouldn’t expect a fully fleshed-out sequel to their beloved game. Instead, this is a throwback to how the game started. That game jam spirit is alive and well in this release. I’ve put a bit of time into the release and, while I’m absolutely terrible, it’s a good bit of fun. The controls are dead simple and you can just pick it up in your browser on the game’s itch.io site. With such a nonexistent barrier to entry, you should give it a try if you have a few minutes.

As far as what comes next for the team behind Celeste, we still don’t know exactly. Maddy Thorson and the team at Extremely OK Games haven’t announced anything concrete yet. Hopefully, we hear something more soon as Thorson’s first two games have both been exceptional.

Celeste Classic 2 is available now on PC via itch.io. Celeste itself is out on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.