Celeste, New Game from TowerFall Creator, Announced for PlayStation 4; Releasing Mid-2017

December 3, 2016

TowerFall creator Matt Thorson revealed his newest project via PlayStation Blog today. Called Celeste, the game is single-player platformer about climbing a mountain and is set to release for PlayStation 4 in mid-2017

Inspired by real-life rock climbing, reaching the summit of Celeste’s mountain won’t be easy, according to Thorson. The game’s design draws inspiration from difficult platformers from the SNES era, as well as modern indie classics. Though made to be accessible for a wide range of players, the developer promises that no path will be easy.

Celeste will feature more than 250 stages including abandoned cities, ancient ruins, precarious cliff sides, and a haunted resort and tells the story of both the mountain and the protagonist, as each “has a lot of history.”


A bevy of new screenshots for the game can be found below. TowerFall Ascension released for the PlayStation 4 on March 11th, 2014. No PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita ports for that game are planned.

David Lozada

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