Cemetery Management Sim Graveyard Keeper Gets New Trailer

Cemetery Management Sim Graveyard Keeper Gets New Trailer

Graveyard Keeper puts you in charge of getting rid of bodies and expanding your business while running a historically inaccurate medieval cemetery.

This week, publisher tinyBuild released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming game Graveyard Keeper, which they claim is the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim of 2018, and quite possibly of all time.  The game was previously announced last year.

The game finds you in charge of a medieval cemetery while you work to expand your graveyard business in a variety of different ways.  Whether it be selling bodies in order to make business alliances or finding other ways to more efficiently get rid of them, the choice is yours.

The gameplay trailer shows some typical aspects of simulation games like planting, trading for goods, and crafting. It also features witches burning at the stake, extracting flesh during an autopsy, and preaching a sermon, which are all things one would expect to take place in a medieval graveyard simulation.

Graveyard Keeper will be released sometime in 2018 for PC and Xbox One. You can check out the gameplay trailer below. You can also view the original announcement trailer for the game.