Central Finite Curve In Rick And Morty Explained

This explains everything we have seen so far in the show!

By Manisha Priyadarshini

September 6, 2021

After what turned out to be a roller-coaster season, the finale of Rick and Morty Season 5 is finally out now revealing the backstory of Rick Sanchez and many unanswered questions.

A part of the backstory revolves around the concept of a central finite curve in the show which got many fans to wonder what it is exactly. So in this article, we shall discuss what is the central finite curve in Rick and Morty and how it helps in explaining the story so far.

But before we move ahead, here’s a fair warning: Spoilers ahead!

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OFFICIAL TRAILER: Rick and Morty Season 5

OFFICIAL TRAILER: Rick and Morty Season 5

What is the central finite curve in Rick and Morty?

To put it simple words, Central Finite Curve is an unknown, defined portion of the multiverse, where most, if not all Ricks reside. According to the show, there are infinite universes and infinite realities. But the central finite curve acts like a multiverse wall that holds a finite number of those universes where Rick exists.

It allows travel to dimensions where Rick is the smartest person in the universe but restricts access to those universes where Rick isn’t the smartest person. So technically, the multiverse we see in Rick and Morty isn’t a true multiverse but only a section that has been separated from the rest.

The concept of central finite curve first appeared in Rick and Morty in season 1 episode 10 where a Council member quotes that “of all of the Ricks in the central finite curve, you’re the malcontent.”

Ever since then, there were speculations among fans that the show isn’t working with infinite multiverse which came out to be true now.

In the season 5 finale episode, Evil Morty explains how he is going to render the central finite curve ineffective by breaching it to access the universes outside of the curve.

Evil Morty even succeeds in breaching the wall (which is the central finite curve) and travels to other inaccessible universes — where Rick is not the smartest.

Those who don’t know аbout the curve would always assume that Rick is аlwаys the smаrtest wherever he goes. But now we know thаt the concept of the central finite curve is the reason why Rick always managed to work his way out of any universe he visits.

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