Square Enix Europe CEO Says “Gamers Don’t Want Unfinished Content;” Promises to Deliver a Polished Hitman

on September 11, 2015 10:45 AM

The Hitman franchise is taking the digital route in its upcoming installment, Hitman, which made people worry of how Square Enix and IO Interactive will handle it.

Square Enix Europe CEO Phil Rogers reassured everybody on the fact that the company intends to deliver a complete and polished game in December, with people paying only once to get it and no micro-transactions.

“It’s game first, we want to keep the business model very simple. There’s going to be one price, so we’re not talking micro-transactions, and it allows us to evolve the content itself… Gamers don’t want unfinished content, so we’re being very clear. This is going to be AAA, polished – Hitman as you’d expect. But we can continue to create experiences, so the world only expands. We’re experimenting.”

He also mentioned the publisher’s experience experience with Just Cause 2:

“To use Just Cause 2 again as an example, we left that world from a production standpoint three months before we shipped the game, and yet consumers have spent the next five years in that world. If we’d continued to evolve that world for consumers we think they would have enjoyed it.”

“That works very well for Hitman, that world and that gameplay in particular. But for all of our games we’re looking for ways to expand and to get more content to consumers. If there’s stuff we can share and ideas to bring across, we could use them in different games.”

Hitman launches digitally on December 8 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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