Certain Affinity Reportedly Working On New Original FPS

The Halo Infinite co-developers have turned their attention to creating an original IP

July 24, 2022

According to the company’s job listings, Certain Affinity is working on a new original first-person shooter. 

While the studio has yet to announce anything regarding the development of a new intellectual property, there are some clear signs that development on one is already underway. Certain Affinity has posted a job listing seeking a new game director. The job description contains the following line, “As the Game Director, you will establish and drive the creative vision for our original IP first-person shooter.” 

The job description also includes the tidbit, “We’re best known for co-developing numerous AAA FPS games, though now we are creating compelling new games of our own. We’re always on the lookout for amazing talent to join our team.” 


The above evidence of the existence of a Certain Affinity first-person shooter is further cemented by the LinkedIn page of the studio’s director of user experience, David Sinclair. In the section for job duties and responsibilities, Sinclair has written “Working on new original IP” (via PCGamesN). With this in mind, there’s little doubt Certain Affinity has begun early development on the studio’s first-ever original FPS IP, a big step.

As stated in the job description above, Certain Affinity is best-known for co-developing triple-A first-person shooters. These include Halo Infinite, Doom and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Certain Affinity has specialised in building the multiplayer portions of first-person shooters in the past. The studio is likely looking to utilise the experience of its developers to create its own memorable first-person shooter experience that Certain Affinity will have full ownership over.

Very little is known about Certain Affinity’s upcoming first-person shooter except for its existence. One morsel of information that could be relevant is that the aforementioned job listing lists experience with Unreal Engine 4 and 5 as useful, suggesting the game is being built on Unreal.

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