Chainsaw Man Trailer Came Out And It Has Broken The Internet

The new trailer is everything that we hoped for!

By Manisha Priyadarshini

June 27, 2021

Mappa Studio just released the trailer for Chainsaw Man at its 10 year anniversary event and it’s everything that we expected from the popular manga’s animated adaptation!

In case you have seen manga and anime fans super excited on the internet about the upcoming anime and you are not sure what the hype is about, this article is for you!

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Attack on Titan Final Season | SEASON FINALE TRAILER

Attack on Titan Final Season | SEASON FINALE TRAILER

What is Chainsaw Man about?

If you haven’t followed the Chainsaw Man manga, here’s a brief synopsis without spoilers for you. Authored by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the plot is based in a world where devils are born from human fears — pretty much like the curses in Jujutsu Kaisen.

The protagonist of the story is Denji who is trying to pay back his deceased father’s debt to the Yakuza by working as a devil hunter. He hunts the devil with the help of his doglike devil named Pochita that literally has a chainsaw attached to his forehead. Sounds crazy, right? But that’s just the beginning.

One day, a devil hunt job goes wrong which causes Denji’s body to merge with his chainsaw devil dog Pochita. So, Denji transforms into a human-devil hybrid with chainsaw abilities just like Pochita.

Denji gets transformed into a human-devil hybrid with chainsaw abilities that he gains from his half-chainsaw dog Pochita. Now that he is part devil and part human, his life takes a turn leading Denji into new situations that are full of bloodshed, gore, and craziness.

Chainsaw Man Trailer Breakdown

Before we analyze the trailer, let’s check out the trailer first.

After watching this beautiful Chainsaw Man trailer, several thoughts were coursing through my mind. I couldn’t help but wonder how big the anime is going to be, judging by the way Mappa presented it.

First of all, the presentation was well created and it didn’t give away any spoiler. But Mappa gave away just enough to give a gist to manga readers on what they are doing and intrigue those who are completely new to it.

Judging from the visuals in the trailer, the first season of the anime will probably adapt the entire first part of the manga.

Fans were super thrilled to finally see some of their favorite characters in the Mappa-styled animation. We got to see Denji, Makima, Aki, and Power in the trailer. And Fujimoto’s art style goes really well with Mappa’s animation as all of the characters were just as we expected.

The music was another captivating aspect of the Chainsaw Man trailer. Japanese composer and musician, Ushio Kensuke, is behind the music we heard in the trailer. He has previously worked for anime like A Silent Voice and Devilman Crybaby. so we can definitely expect more good stuff in the music department.

From the look of this presentation, we can tell that the Mappa staff has been working hard to get us the best possible adaptations.

Why Is The Anime So Hyped?

Chainsaw Man was definitely one of the most hyped and anticipated showcasing from the Mappa stream today.

For starters, people were willing to wait 5 long hours for the Chainsaw Man trailer to arrive. And this includes not just the folks in the east, but also in the west — amongst whom were several people who couldn’t even understand most of the livestream simply because it was in Japanese language.

In fact, a lot of people who haven’t read the manga yet were also waiting for the trailer release. But the most interesting fact here is that the Chainsaw Man manga has already managed to sell 11 million copies without getting an anime adaptation first.

Now, this in itself is a feat that speaks volumes of its popularity. Usually, mangas get a lot of attention and a boost in sales when they get picked up for anime adaptation. But apparently, the Chainsaw Man didn’t seem to need much help there as it already has a large dedicated fanbase.

But of course, now that we know that its anime version is coming for sure, the manga sales are bound to increase.

As expected, there was a lot of chatter on Twitter regarding the trailer. Here are some of the best fan reactions:

Can Chainsaw Man Surpass Popular Mangas Like AOT Or Jujutsu Kaisen?

When the news of Chainsaw Man anime broke first, there were concerns among fans whether the end product would be as satisfactory as it was in manga.

But after this trailer, I am sure most of them would be content with how well Mappa has dealt with this story.

In fact, judging by the current reaction of viewers, we can say that Chainsaw Man has the potential to become one of the best upcoming anime coming from a weekly Shonen Jump series since Jujutsu Kaisen. And it might just be able to give a tough competition to Attack On Titan. But whether it surpasses them altogether is something that remains to be seen.

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