Champions Online Prepares for Halloween

Champions Online Prepares for Halloween

Heroes (pardon, Champions) celebrate Halloween as well, and Cryptic has quite a few treats in store for the defenders of Millenium City on Champions Online.

Until november the 1st Witchcraft will be available at the Renaissance Center to grant a double XP boost to anyone that speaks to her. The new archetypes The Master and The Fist are also available, with the Master on trial for free to Silver players on the Archetype rotation program.


The Bloodmoon event has been updated, with the arch-villain Takofanes dropping exclusive items only for the Halloween week-end, while all purchases from the C-store will be discounted 20% from the 28th to the 31st.

Last but definitely not least, the new mini-arc “Dead Man Walking” for players from level 22 and up is now available in the Canada area, and will take players to the city of Vibora Bay as it was before the Crisis.