Changes to Buying Hitman Digitally Are Being Made

IO Interactive has announced that some changes to buying Hitman digitally on PS4, PC, and Xbox One are inbound.

on June 7, 2017 8:52 AM

Today, developer IO Interactive announced that in the coming weeks, it will be making changes to the options for purchasing Hitman digitally.

The news come via new blog post from the developer, where it outlines that in approximately two weeks, it will make “The Complete First Season,” which is the package that includes all of Hitman Season 1the default option for new players to buy the game, now that all the episodes have released and been live for quite some time.

According to IO Interactive, these changes have been in the pipeline since early March, and it believes this will make it easier and simpler to buy the game. Further, it said that it announced the changes today in order to make sure that existing players are fully aware of their options and to give them a fair amount of time before the changes are implemented.

The “core of the changes” will simply be that the “Intro Pack” and “Upgrade pack” will be removed from digital stores and will no longer be available for purchase.

On Steam (after the changes), Intro Pack owners will be able to purchase ‘The Complete First Season’ and only pay for the episodes that they do not already own. This can be done because Steam can detect which episodes you have already purchased and only charge you for the ones you do not own. However, individual episodes will no longer be available for purchase.

Meanwhile, on Xbox One Intro Pack owners will be able to purchase ‘The Complete First Season’ at a reduced price, aka the Intro Pack price will be taken off the price of The Complete First Season. Notably, individual episodes will remain available for purchase.

On PS4, Intro Pack owners will be able to purchase ‘The Complete First Season’ at the standard price, aka they will receive no discount like Xbox One players. Why this is the case: wasn’t divulged. However, like Xbox One, and unlike Steam, individual episodes will remain available for purchase.

These changes will not affect anyone who purchased the Complete First Season on disc, nor will they affect any existing digital purchases. Thus, if you already own either The Complete First Season or the Upgrade Pack, these changes will not affect you.

Meanwhile, IO has set up a thread on the Hitman Subreddit that deals all with these changes, and thus can help with any questions about said changes or any weird, edge-cases.

Hitman is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.  As you may know, last month IO Interactive’s parent company Square Enix announced it was looking to sell IO Interactive and that it was in the process of talking to a few interested parties. At the moment of writing this, nothing (officially) has been announced about said sale, and thus it appears IO Interactive at the moment is still under Square’s umbrella.

Recently, it was revealed that the developer was hit with an unspecified amount of layoffs, likely to make it a more alluring prospect for potential interested parties.

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