Chaos Souls Announces Its Imminent Release Date and Teases with a New Trailer

Chaos Souls Announces Its Imminent Release Date and Teases with a New Trailer

Visualnoveler's 2.5D adventure game, Chaos Souls, will soon be available on Steam, but first we get a new glimpse of the title's waifus.

Visualnoveler’s 2.5D side-scrolling adventure, Chaos Souls is soon to launch onto Steam, but not without one more trailer to show that it’s all about a female cast’s need to defeat a nation of demons, using the many assets at their disposal.

The game will release onto Steam on November 7 to tell its tale of Eris and Petra, sisters who have resided in the peaceful forest until recently. When Petra is stolen by a devious succubus, Eris endeavors to save her sister by invading the demon stronghold, putting even her own life in danger.

However, Eris may not only be risking her life to save her sister. In order to gain more power and destroy stronger foes that line her path forward, Eris must absorb a mysterious energy called Chaos Souls.

In Chaos Souls, you will fight in fast-paced 2.5D combat across 3 unique zones. Throughout the campaign, you will also encounter a variety of boss fights, each offering their own challenges that you will need to overcome with a playstyle unique to your own customization preferences.

You may recall the name Chaos Souls from some recent news concerning Visualnoveler’s title Destiny Chronicles. The money made from this game will be used to further development on the Kingdom Hearts-inspired title.

For more information on Chaos Souls, you can visit its official website or the Steam page. You can also watch the recently released trailer, featuring a bit of the aforementioned fast-paced combat and more than a few suggestive shots of the game’s waifus.