Chaotic: Shadow Warriors Exclusive Cards

Chaotic: Shadow Warriors Exclusive Cards

Activision’s upcoming title Chaotic: Shadow Warriors, will include pre-order exclusive cards in certain versions of the title and, oddly enough, certain versions will not get cards, it appears. The game is scheduled to ship this fall, and if you pre-order the Wii or DS version of the title, you will get a different card based on where you purchase the game. The game looks pretty and the art on the cards is nice to look at, as well.  Here’s a full list of cards and pre-order locations:

  • Ettala: Best Buy
  • Irsenog: Target
  • Kapalor: Wal-Mart
  • Epaluo: GameStop

More details will be coming in the following weeks, perhaps even announcements about special bonuses for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the title.  For now, here’s a lot of screen shots and images of the above-mentioned cards to hold you over.

One response to “Chaotic: Shadow Warriors Exclusive Cards”

  1. pink puma says:

    Never heard of a game based on the card series, and barely know the card game, so I guess the pre-orders really dont sell it for me.