Character’s of Fuse Show You Their Moves

Character’s of Fuse Show You Their Moves

Insomniac Games has released four videos for their upcoming third person squad shooter, Fuse, that takes time to show off each of the main characters and what they are capable of.

The first video focuses on Dalton Brooks, which is the leader of Overstrike 9. Dalton has a Magshield that creates a shield to block projectiles and give cover to the squad as their best defense.

Jacob Kimble, a former police detective, shows off what he is capable as a long range marksman and trap expert. His Arcshot is capable of melting away foes with the touch of a button.

Izzy Sinclair is the groups hacker and an expert at intelligence gathering. She makes use of her Shattergun that is able to crystallize enemies and lift them out of cover. Her Heal Beacon is able to revived those that have been downed.

The final video focuses on Naya Deveraux, the stealth and area of effect specialist. Her father is the leader of Raven, the organization that Overstrike 9 must stop. She is able to cloak and make use of her Warp Rifle that is capable of ripping through groups of enemies.

Gamers waiting for this game will have to wait a bit longer but these videos should help in making the wait a bit easier. This game takes Insomniacs love of bizarre weapons and introduce them in a game that takes some cues from reality.