Charles Barkley Explains Why He isn't in NBA 2K

Charles Barkley in a recent interview explained why he is not in the NBA 2K series and what it would take for him and others to be included.

By Grant Huff

September 13, 2020

The NBA 2K series has always done an incredible job of trying to include classic teams and classic players in the games. I just picked up a sweet deal on 2k20 for Switch and started my own team. I was able to pick up Michael Jordan, Pau Gasol, Andre Kirilenko, and even our hometown hero Sean Elliott. It is pretty cool I am able to play with this collection of classic players. However, you may notice that there is some notable hall of fame players missing from the roster. Recently, Charles Barkley opened up on why he hasn’t been included in the NBA 2K Franchise.

Barkley stated that it is really less about him being in the game and more about wanting to help out players older than him that never had the opportunity to make the type of money he and others made in their careers. He wants 2K to pay those retired players a million dollars a year to use their likeness. He stated that every year players are paid “chump change” for their appearances and that he gets a call every year asking if he has changed his mind. The interview can be viewed in the video below.

Barkley has a great point. In today’s NBA, players will be set for life after their careers are over because the salary cap has skyrocketed. But those players from the ’60s and ’70s never made that type of money or even had the opportunity to do so. NBA 2K made over $1 billion in revenue just last year so the Hall of Famer might have a point.

NBA 2k21 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The next-gen upgrade of the game on PS5 and Xbox Series X will cost you an extra 10 bucks totaling $69.99. If you hope on getting a “free” upgrade to the next-gen version when you pick up a new console, make sure to go with the $99.99 “Mamba Forever Edition” on current systems.

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