Charming Miyazaki-Inspired Platformer Launches on Kickstarter; Could come to PC, PS4, Wii U and Xbox One

Charming Miyazaki-Inspired Platformer Launches on Kickstarter; Could come to PC, PS4, Wii U and Xbox One

Kickstarter is often hit and miss, but at times it hosts some absolutely charming projects. This appears to be the case of Lynn and the Spirits of Inao, a lovely platformer by French indie developer Bloomylight Studio, that opened its Kickstarter campaign today.

The press release gives us a quick overview of the game:

“A warning to nostalgic lovers of old school consoles, fans of Japanese animation and enthusiasts of poetic worlds: Lynn and the Spirits of Inao from Bloomylight Studio is coming!

This French studio invites you to discover its very first title, a 2D platform and adventure game entirely hand-drawn, tinged with sweetness, humor and adventure. The team, composed of 5 skilled and ambitious enthusiasts, delivers with Lynn and the Spirits of Inao the full scale of its creativity and inspirations, influenced by the greatest figures of Japanese animation such as Hayao Miyazaki.

In Lynn and the Spirits of Inao, players will embody Lynn, an apprentice priestess of the island of INAO where humans, gods and spirits live in harmony, accompanied by her accomplice (and no less demonic spirit) Aku. Obscure elements suddenly disrupting the balance of the island, draw spirits to attack the villagers, leaving a path of panic and distress. The high Priestess, Lynn’s mentor who gets seriously injured during a ceremony, then entrusted her with the difficult task of discovering the origin of this evil and saving the village.”

“The first title of Bloomylight Studio offers players rich gameplay where day and night, two opposing but interrelated worlds, consequently influence the landscapes and adventure of the protagonists. Lynn can move in several ways (discrete walking, running, jumping, rebounds, slipping or wall jumps) and also fight: in Lynn and the Spirits of Inao, there is no question of “killing” enemies, but rather to help them by sending them into the afterlife, freeing them of their frenzy. Guided by Aku, players go through levels of platforms in an open world and must navigate between the various quests, undercover missions, battles or puzzles and riddles to solve the mysteries of the island Inao.”

Founder and Creative Director of Bloomylight Studio David Tollari also introduces his project with a statement:

“We are confident that Lynn and the Spirits of Inao will appeal to gamers! Its dreamlike universe promises a mesmerizing and unforgettable narrative experience and the Lynn and Aku duo is very endearing. We have been working relentlessly for several years to offer the best to the audience, while remaining true to our influences and our style.

For the entire team, the goal is to enable the nostalgic admirers to relive the sensations of old school consoles, and for the younger crowd to discover a style which is today only being harnessed to a limited extent, but just as exciting and thrilling as any other title.”

Here are a few bullet points describing the game’s features:

  • Investigate the strange events causing turmoil on the island of Inao with the help of its inhabitants, both humans and spirits .
  • Make your way through dynamic platform levels and adapt your gameplay to the wide range of sceneries and enemies.
  • Sharpen your wits by solving enigmas and puzzles.
  • Take on bosses in epic battles which will require skill and thought in order to defeat your enemy.
  • Be discreet during tactical or infiltration phases.
  • Finish the game by following the main scenario, or complete it 100% by solving the many side quests, not forgetting a single lost soul and unveiling all the mysteries of Inao.

Last, but not least, the story:

“Gods and spirits have always lived in harmony with humans on the island of Inao, but one day, for reasons unknown, spirits began attacking the island’s inhabitants. The High Priestess of the village, with the help of her disciple Lynn, attempted a mysterious ritual in order to send the lost souls back to the other world. However, something went wrong, leaving the Priestess gravely injured and the ceremony incomplete, revealing a far greater danger…

Now entrusted with protecting the village, the young and clumsy Lynn sought to discover the origin of this evil, and in doing so crossed paths with Aku, a demon-like spirit. Through this twist of fate they became unwilling travel companions, leaving the future of Inao and its inhabitants in the hands of an apprentice Priestess and a saucy demon.”

We also get a gameplay trailer, artwork and the first screenshots. If that’s enough to convince you of the project worth, you can pledge your support here, and help reaching the €53,000 goal that would guarantee release on PC in April 2017. Stretch goals that still have to be detailed include release on PS4, Wii U, Mac and Xbox One.