How to Clear Chasmic Maze, Chamber of Twisted Cranes in Genshin 2.7

Here's how you clear the Chamber of Twisted Cranes in Genshin Impact 2.7

May 31, 2022

Here’s how you can clear the Chasmic Maze quest and its Chamber of Twisted Cranes Domain in Genshin Impact 2.7 event Lurking Peril.

After clearing the Unexpected Guest quest, which is a succession of dialogues featuring Itto, Shinobu, Yelan, and Yan Fei, you’ll find yourself able to challenge the Chasmic Maze quest and its Chamber of Twisted Cranes Domain. The Domain can be tricky to handle if you tackle it like any other, and you might get stuck, as the game doesn’t make it immediately clear that it contains a puzzle, albeit an extremely simple one.


How To Clear Chamber of Twisted Cranes in Genshin Impact 2.7

First off, before entering the Domain, you’ll notice that the Domain descriptions recommend bringing an Hydro character in your party. Note however that there are no mechanisms or puzzles that actually require an Hydro character. Being able to deal Hydro damage will definitely help when dealing with some of the enemies, but it’s not mandatory.

The Chamber of Twisted Cranes Domain is a simple succession of battles, taking place on floating platforms connected by blue transparent stairs. Each time you clear the enemies that spawned on the platform, it will unlock a cube mechanism you can interact with to rotate the next platform and access it. You will only need to rotate each platform once, except when reaching the third mechanism.

Once you’ve reached the third mechanism, the one that will have a Treasure Chest spawn near it, use it to rotate the platform three times. If you only rotate it once, you’ll stay stuck. After rotating it three times, it’ll look like this:

Once you’re done, go up the stairs, and turn left to access another mechanism, use it to rotate the platform once. With that, you’ll be able to reach the final platform and clear the Clear Chamber of Twisted Cranes Domain.

The First Main Genshin Impact Event After Weeks Of Delay

Personally speaking, I’d say it’s really refreshing to see once again characters from different regions interacting with each other. It’s great to see Yan Fei again too. She hasn’t played a part in the story since the Serenitea Pot feature unlocking quest. Genshin Impact‘s main story is a journey, so we tend to only meet new characters. Meanwhile, we rarely see the older ones again. That’s also due to the game’s business model as a character gacha. Newer characters need to be under the spotlight so the players feel like pulling them.

These Events are fully voiced too, and enjoying the work of the seiyuu (Japanese voice actresses and actors) is also part of what makes these games so endearing when you’re an anime fan. Especially when you’ve got huge names like T.M. Revolution voicing one of the characters. What do you all think of the event so far? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter @A_iyane07.

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