Check Out Everything New in Grand Theft Auto Online's After Hours Update

The After Hours update for Grand Theft Auto Online is live today and it brings with it all kinds of new activities.

By Logan Moore

July 24, 2018

Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest update titled After Hours allows you to set up your own in-game nightclub and also features the return of the classic Grand Theft Auto IV character Gay Tony.

Alongside the launch of After Hours today, Rockstar has unveiled the specifics of just what all is included in this patch. As for a broad overview of what After Hours contains, Rockstar gave the following details:

  • The choice of 10 Nightclub locations across Los Santos (available on Maze Bank Foreclosure), with the ability to invite up to 29 other players inside

  • Customization for Nightclubs, including choice of resident DJ, dancers, lighting, branding, back of house staff and more

  • Dancing gameplay featuring several signature styles and intensities – all synced to the beat of the music

  • In-club mini-games from popping bottles to drinking in the VIP area with friends and much more

  • Freemode Business Battles, Club Management Missions and more

  • Seven new vehicles at launch including the Dinka Jester Classic, the Party Bus and Mammoth Patriot Stretch with more to be added

  • Additional bonuses including a PS Plus exclusive offer, Guest List bonuses for logging on and more

  • New Online-only radio station, LS-UR debuting a week following the first residency (Solomun) on July 31, updated with a new DJ mix one week following each DJ residency debut

Additionally, Rockstar also revealed which DJs will be available in Los Santos offering players specific missions. Beginning this week, a new real-world DJ will appear in-game starting off with Solomun (July 24), followed by Tale Of Us (July 31), Dixon (Aug. 7), and ending with The Black Madonna (Aug. 14). If you complete each of the missions for these DJs, then you can bring them to your own nightclub to DJ for your guests. 

Along with all of this, Rockstar revealed just how much you are able to customize your own nightclub in the following ways:


  • DJs: Four DJs for hire which dictate the musical playlist in the club, beginning with Solomun in week one followed by Tale Of Us, Dixon, and The Black Madonna
  • DJ Booth: With equipment specific to the DJ’s real-world technical rider
  • Dance Floor: The floor will fill with club goers eager to dance to your resident DJ, but the popularity will vary based on the state of the club. Complete missions or dance in time to the music to raise your club’s popularity
    •  The player can dance in the crowd and be joined by up to 29 other friends to make a proper party
  • VIP Area: Tucked away from the main floor, the VIP Area includes new drinking and group activities, with recognizable in-game celebrities such Lacey Jonas, Poppy Mitchell and more stopping by to visit the most popular Nightclubs
  • Office: Featuring access to a computer from which players are able to view security cams to watch the party as well as manage their Nightclub and Business Hub, track Nightclub popularity, and have their business milestones reflected around them in the form of trophies specific to achievements
  • Bars: Bars on either floor include new activities, and the ability for the owner can get behind the bar and serve drinks to other players at no charge

Purchasable Options & Upgrades

  • Visual Styles: Three base styles to choose from
  • Lighting: Five lighting options to choose from
  • Nightclub Name: Nine preset Nightclub names to choose from
  • Dancers: The option to purchase podium dancers (either female, male, or a combination) for the Nightclub, with three wardrobe styles to choose from
  • Additional Staff: Players are given the ability to hire staff directly from the Office Computer – talented staff allow the club to run more smoothly, thus increasing the club’s daily take
  • Security Upgrade: Players are given the ability to hire security and tech staff directly from the Office Computer, reducing the amount of Nightclub Management Mission calls the player will receive as well as the ability to purchase security cameras, gun lockers, weapon pickups and upgrades to the standard limo used during missions

Management Options

  • Access: You control who gets into your nightclub and its various areas including the DJ Booth, the VIP area and the Office. Use the Player Interaction Menu under Nightclub Management, and choose from the following options:
    • Everyone
    • Crew
    • Friends Crew + Friends
    • Organization
    • Associates (this is a catch-all for your Friends, Crew and Org members)
    • No One
      • When granted access, other players can enter the Nightclub from Freemode as soon as the club is set up
      • Crew members can enter at any time through either the main door or the garage
      • Blocked players who try to enter the prohibited area will be automatically turned away
  • Entry Fees: Nightclub owners can set the Entry Cost from with the Interaction Menu under Nightclub Management from $0 up to $100, with the default suggested cost set to $10

    • Once this fee is paid it is valid for the rest of the session for that owner’s club, with re-entry allowed

    • Crew members do not have to pay to enter the Nightclub

    • If a player doesn’t pay the Entry Cost, they will be ejected from the Nightclub by the bouncer

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Once you add in dancing and various group drinking activities, you’ll find that the way you can party in your own nightclub seem to be limitless.

As mentioned, After Hours is available right now for free on all three versions of Grand Theft Auto Online — PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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