Check Out Some New Content to Unwrap in Happy Birthdays For Switch

Check Out Some New Content to Unwrap in Happy Birthdays For Switch

New creatures, biomes, and cute monuments are some of the features you can experience in the Happy Birthdays version on Nintendo Switch.

Happy Birthdays is going to receive some new content on the Nintendo Switch in June. And no, before you ask, the Happy Birthdays we’re talking about is not the song or celebration of one’s successful escape from the womb. It’s actually a game from Yasuhiro Wada, the creative being behind the Harvest Moon series. The title is a port from the original game, Birthdays: The Beginning.

Much like Minecraft, players are able to mold the playing field and alter the ecosystem. You can choose to be godlike and create life, or rather could just destroy your personal world and make it uninhabitable. The new version for the Nintendo Switch will also offer some new maps for players to create life and progress through the story.

New gameplay has been introduced to the Nintendo Switch version of Happy Birthdays. A skill system will be replacing in-game items, encouraging players to capture creatures and progress through the story. The skill system has players earning stars for capturing their critters and shaping the world. They can then use these stars for skills that affect the map through moisture, temperature, and more.

Monuments, both old and new, can be generated with some stars. Once a DLC item on past platforms, the Switch version will not require purchasing of the DLC to unlock these items. Instead, players will be expected to accomplish particular achievements beforehand.

Three different biomes will give players a choice between the grassland, a snowy tundra, or the barren desert (perhaps the Dry Dry Desert?).  Each biome is paired with their own list of objectives as well. New creatures are also available, including Ouranos Drakonis, Hydor Drakonis, and Gaea Drakonis. These elemental dragons require specific conditions in your world in order for them to appear.

Want to know more about Happy Birthdays for the Nintendo Switch and what it’s about? Then watch the trailer below, or pre-order the Nintendo Switch version of the game via Amazon.

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