Check Out the New PS4 Exclusive Strike from Destiny 2's Warmind Expansion

The Insight Terminus Strike will come included for PS4 users next week when the new Destiny 2: Warmind expansion drops.

Remember Destiny 2? Yeah, that one shooter that was super fun to play last year for a few months. Well, there’s a new expansion releasing for it next week and those who play on PS4 will be able to gain access to an exclusive Strike.

Recently, the folks over at PlayStation were able to go hands-on with this Warmind expansion and more specifically, this exclusive Strike. This Strike, which is called Insight Terminus, plays out like a usual Strike with the mission culminating in a large boss shootout. Over the course of the video, we also get a look at some of the new exotics that have been added in this expansion.

Of course, this new Strike won’t be the only new addition to the Warmind. Players can expect to also find a new raid, endgame activity, and a new destination to explore. You can read more these and the other new additions in greater detail here.

You can find the twenty minutes or so of the Insight Terminus Strike at the bottom of the page. If you’re looking to jump back in on Destiny 2 with the launch of this new expansion, then you can expect to start playing again on Tuesday, May 8 when Warmind releases for $19.99.

Logan Moore

Logan Moore is the Managing Editor around these parts and enjoys the video game Super Mario Odyssey.

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