Check Out a New Yo-kai Watch 4 Gameplay Video and Trailer

Check Out a New Yo-kai Watch 4 Gameplay Video and Trailer

Level-5 has revealed some previously unreleased footage of their upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive, Yo-kai Watch 4, straight out of Tokyo Game Show 2018.

Developer Level-5 has released some new gameplay footage as well as a trailer of their upcoming Nintendo Switch title, Yo-kai Watch 4. The content was originally only seen by those who attended 2018’s Tokyo Game Show. Now, it’s available to all, and you can check it out for yourself down below.

Yesterday, Level-5 announced that they’d be pushing back Japan’s Winter 2018 release date for Yo-kai Watch 4 into 2019 so that they may improve the quality of the game. As of right now, the title still does not have a western release date, although the third game in the series, Yo-kai Watch 3 will be available overseas for Nintendo 3DS sometime in February 2019 in North America, while Europe will have to wait until Winter 2019.

Although I haven’t truly familiarized myself with the Yo-kai Watch series, it’s a bit difficult not to draw comparisons to other modern titles by Level-5. Graphically and gameplay-wise the fourth title looks very similar to the Ni no Kuni games. Check out the gameplay for yourself and let me know whether or not you agree.

As previously mentioned, Yo-kai Watch 4 has no western release date right now, the game will be launching exclusively on Nintendo Switch in Japan sometime in 2019.