Check out 10 Minutes of Xbox One/PC Shooter SUPERHOT’s Story Mode Alpha Gameplay

on March 2, 2015 4:01 PM

It may not look like much, but SUPERHOT makes up for it. Whilst it may be lacking in the splendid photo-realistic visuals we’ve become accustomed to, it makes up for it with some unique gameplay.

It’s not your conventional first-person-shooter. When you stand still, time stands still. When you move, that’s when the world comes alive. The focus isn’t on twitchy gameplay that requires the reflexes of a super-cat, but instead players are encouraged to take their time and place shots strategically whilst taking not of the surroundings.

It’s certainly a different take on the first-person-shooter genre. You can check out the first ten minutes of gameplay from the story mode. The footage is from an Alpha build recently released to those who backed the game on Kickstarter, so don’t be too harsh when you judge the visuals.

The team behind SUPERHOT are aiming to release the Kickstarter-funded title this Summer on Steam before releasing on the Xbox One as a timed exclusive

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