Check Out 32 Screenshots On Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s Second DLC Pack

on March 20, 2015 11:40 AM

Bandai Namco Games has released 32 new screenshots for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, which cover on the game’s second downloadable pack. Following the information revealed in both the latest V-Jump and Weekly Shonen Jump magazines regarding this download able. Bandai Namco Games also revealed more specific details on what content this downloadable pack will include:

  • Mira, Towa, Eis Shenron and Nuova Shenron as playable characters
  • 3 Time Patrol Quests
  • 3 Parallel Quests
  • Pan GT as a Master and her 5 Master quests
  • 6 full costumes from Pan, Gogeta, Super 17, Mira and Towa.
  • 24 signature moves from Pan, Mira, Towa, Eis Shenron and Nuova Shenron

Six new Z-Souls on the following character’s will be revealed as well:

  • Eis Shenron’s Z soul – I’m doing fine.
  • Nuova Shenron’s Z soul – That’s how I fight!
  • Pan’s Z soul (Master) 1 – This is my best move!
  • Pan’s Z soul (Master) 2 – Dumped agaaaain!
  • Mira’s Z soul – I feel it… A powerful energy!
  • Towa’s Z soul – Revival of the Demon Realm is at hand

An official release date hasn’t been revealed for Dragon Ball Xenoverse’s DLC Pack #2 but it should be soon. Check out the screenshots below:

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