Check Out 4 Glimpses of Borderlands 2's Final DLC Pack

February 17, 2014

Earlier this month, Gearbox announced that Sir Hammerlock Versus The Son Of Crawmerax would be the last DLC pack for Borderlands 2 after more than eighteen months of support. Today, they’ve released four screenshots giving an idea of what players can expect from their final experience with the game.

Sir Hammerlock Versus The Son Of Crawmerax is the largest Headhunter DLC, and starts with the players on a soothing vacation on Wam Bam Island, along with Sir Hammerlock Mordecai, Lilith and Brick. However, Sir Hammerlock is soon kidnapped, launching the vault hunters on another quest.

The DLC ends with a fight against the titular Crawmerax Jr, the offspring of a boss from the first Borderlands.


Sir Hammerlock Versus The Son Of Crawmerax will launch on April 15th, for the price of  £2.39.

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