Check Out Batman: Arkham Knight’s 1989 Batmobile Race Track and a New Challenge

on August 15, 2015 11:05 AM

Batman and Batman Returns‘ Batmobile will be coming to Batman: Arkham Knight next week as part of the Season Pass rollout. While the 1989 Batmobile won’t be playable in the main world of Arkham Knight, it is not just a skin placed over the Batmobile and is instead its own model. It will only be playable in a race heavily inspired by the events of the two Tim Burton films, with giant duck vehicles and Joker’s parade making appearances. At one point you even speed along the wall of Penguin’s main hideout.

The longer second half of the video is a QA Tester by the name of Harry Finkel playing the new Robin challenge map with Noel Chamberlain (Game Designer) and Dax Ginn (Brand Marketing Producer) commentating. Harry shows off a bunch of Robin’s moves, including a throw where he picks up a baddie and spins him around before sending him hurtling into other thugs. Harry reaches a max combo score of 185 (he was shooting for 200) and a final score of 518,955 which the developers challenge players to attempt to beat when the challenge is released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week. You can see all the action in the video below.

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