Check Out Bloodborne’s New PS4 Theme and 28 NBA Dynamic Themes in Action

Check Out Bloodborne’s New PS4 Theme and 28 NBA Dynamic Themes in Action

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Europe released a Bloodborne City of Yharnam Theme exclusively (at least for now) for European PlayStation Plus users.

Since I already know that the biggest Blodborne fans out there are probably tempted, if they don’t live in Europe, to fork the six euros necessary to subscribe a month on an European account to grab the theme, I thought I’d at least give you the tools to make that choice.

Above and below you can see screenshots for both the screens of the theme, and a video of it in action. The theme is static. It includes rather simple custom icons, but it just uses the default PS4 music and sound effects. To put it down simply, besides the fetching illustration, it’s really nothing special.

That said, the decision is yours, but personally I’d at least wait to see if the offer is extended to North America in the next few weeks, which is very possible.

Moving on from Bloodborne, yesterday Disruptive Media Publisher released 28 dynamic themes dedicated to NBA teams on the North American PlayStation Stor.

Today they released videos for all of them, giving you an idea of what they look like, including the animations. You can check them all out gathered in the playlist at the bottom of the post (if you want to see a specific one, you can click the “Playlist” button).

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