Check Out Brand New Alpha Footage From Survival Platformer, Rain World

on February 10, 2014 1:51 PM

The last time we got a peek at James Primate and Joar Jakobsson’s Rain World, the developers were looking to polish the game through Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight support. Now Rain World is in its final leg of development, having made $50,831 pledged of its $25,000 goal (which still has three days to go), and has been greenlit by the Steam community.

With this comes a new trailer, which introduces what looks like pups of the game’s “Slugcat” species, and the protagonist attempting to get them to safety. But that’s not always an easy task, with the game’s harsh environment and deadly fauna always at the player’s heels.

The game is being designed as an open-ended sandbox-styled narrative that lets players make life or death choices that create consequences they must deal with. The game “will not be easy” and will include cunning enemy A.I. that will stop at nothing to eat you.

Rain World is set to debut sometime later this year during the Fall season of 2014 for PC and Mac platforms. Check out the Rain World Kickstarter page to support it; you can also learn more about Rain World by checking out the last alpha trailer and checking out the Rain World Steam page.

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