Check Out Galactic Sushi, A Game Where You Make Sushi From Aliens

Acquire, the developers of the Way of the Samurai series, the Tenchu series, and the Akiba’s Trip series has released a game called Galactic Sushi, a game where players hunt down aliens in order to use their parts for high-class sushi for space travelers.

You will be using a ball-type controller to move towards the enemy, in which result in your character automatically attacking the enemy, however you can also use your skills. Once you successfully kill the Gyojyu, they’ll turn into sushi-making parts. You will have a variety of options while fighting the Gyojyu such as normal attacks, skills, and heal yourself for a chance of getting sushi material. While fighting them, you also have to protect the nearby customers from their attacks. You will be able to make some money when making sushi for the customers in your traveling stand,

Using your hard earned money, you will be able to upgrade your stats and weapons and even upgrade your traveling stand. The game will feature various playable characters to choose from, which each will feature their individual specialties and gameplay styles.

Galactic Sushi is now available in Japan for both iOS and Android devices. Check out the game’s official website here.

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