Check Out Payday 2’s First Webisode Here

Check Out Payday 2’s First Webisode Here

If you’re a fan of Payday: The Heist and can’t wait for Payday 2 to come out, then look no further than the new web series that just debuted from 505 Games, Starbreeze Studio, and developer Overkill Software.

The live-action episode, which you can view below, was directed by Demian Lichtenstein (3000 Miles to Graceland) and produced by Greg O’Connor (Warrior, Pride and Glory), with input from the game’s creators Bo and Ulf Andersson, and the game’s director, David Goldfarb, and help from the other 505 Games teams, including Solaris, Equilibrium, and Lightstone. The series was filmed on location Los Angeles, with a crew of over 100 and sets and scenes that expand the story of the Payday franchise. The series will continue every other week until the release of Payday 2 in August.

When I last reported on Payday 2, Overkill Software mentioned a high level of customization options coupled with a new setting (Washington D.C.) where you and your crew are planning the crime spree to end all sprees. With a new set of classes and a need for building a balanced team, Payday 2 hopes to add a level of strategy that has loot leading to new unlocked missions, unique modding equipment for mask and weapons, special boosts (like getting blueprints of a target building ahead of time) or getting a fast getaway car.

Payday 2 will also feature CRIMENET, which was described as the “craigslist of criminal activity,” and will give players a variety of contracts that get progressively hard, and include missions that will end in minutes and complex missions that will require careful planning, timing and communication to conquer.

Payday 2 is set to release this August 2013 to the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC (via Steam). The game can be preordered, and available for both digital and retail versions. For more information, check out the Overkill Software website and Payday‘s CrimeNet website.