Check Out Plenty Screenshots of Sony’s H1Z1 and the Latest Information on Gunfights and Survival

on April 17, 2014 7:59 PM

During a livestream on Twitch TV, Sony Online Entertainment Game Designer Jimmy Whisenhunt and Technical Director Tom Schenck gave more information about the upcoming zombie survival open world MMO H1Z1.

We learn that Zombies will react to sound and not just to visual inputs. H1Z1 is an hardcore game, and Sony has no intention to baby players, or to let players pay to be babied. In fact there’ll be permadeath, and players will need to eat in order to survive.

The development team is having very fast iterations on the game, adding a lot of new features very quickly. Early access on Steam will start roughly four weeks for now and it’ll cost $19.99

The implementation of the world will start from north-eastern America (a rural area) and then expand from there. The game is lighter than PlanetSide 2, so if your PC can run that, it’ll run H1Z1 better.

Zombies are designed to be very dangerous, and will kill you quickly if you aren’t careful, especially when in large groups. When you’ve just started out and you’re not very well geared, you’re better off avoiding them or running away. Guns will be “incredibly rare.” Developers are working in getting the right feeling for recoil and the game also simulates bullet drop.

H1z1 is not a twitchy title. It’s supposed to be a “tactical survival game,” or a “survival simulator” first, but “simulator” will not override  “fun.”

Night and day cycle is fully implemented, and it will get really, really dark at night. It’ll be so dark that without a light source you’ll see nothing. Of course light sources will attract zombies in turn, so you’ll have to be careful Weather is also dynamic, including dynamic simulation of wind.

The wilderness will also be populated by deer and wolves. Wolves kill deer dynamically, and zombies will try to kill both.

To top the information off, you can see quite a large amount of screencapss from the stream, and a recording of the stream itself just below. As an interesting element, the greyscale/blur filter you can see in some of the screenshots and towards the end of the livestream is what happens when you’re starving.

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