Check Out Screenshots of Star Trek Online’s Vesta-Class Starship in Action

on November 22, 2013 1:32 PM

Since its original launch in 2010, Star Trek Online‘s roster of ships has steadily increased, and among them have been futuristic variations on ships that we were familiar with from The Original Series all the way to The Next Generation and its films; in addition to ships that fit STO‘s “2409” design model. Gamers have been able to pick up the Vesta-class starship, an original design featured in the Destiny novels, since late last year.

The Vesta-class is offered separately or in a pack of three, comprised of the Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer (Vesta-class), Multi-Mission Survaillence Explorer (Aventine-class), and Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer (Rademaker-class). All three classes come with their own unique console and powers.

You can check out screenshots of the ships in action below.

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