Check Out The Awesome Art of Sony Bend’s Unannounced PS4 Game’s Lead Concept Artist

Check Out The Awesome Art of Sony Bend’s Unannounced PS4 Game’s Lead Concept Artist

We know, by now, that Sony Bend is working on an unannounced PS4 game, but we know almost nothing about it. What little we know was scraped from career opportunity ads, and it’s not much to begin with.

We can, though, learn something about the one of the men whose vision is most crucial to the upcoming game’s style. As Lead Concept Artist at Sony Bend since 2012, Donald Yatomi is responsible for designing all pre-visualizations for the studio’s titles, including environment design, character development, weapons & prop design, and vehicle design.

Donald Yatomi is definitely a veteran of the industry, and before moving to Sony Bend he was Senior Concept Artist at Eat Sleep Play, where he worked with David Jaffe on the PS3 version of Twisted Metal. Two of the three final bosses of the game were his designs. His bond with the Twisted Metal series goes deeper than that, as he took care of the concept art and of all the vehicle textures of Twisted Metal: Head-On back in the early times of the PSP.

Below you can see a large gallery of his beautiful artwork, and if you want to see more, you can also check out his portfolio site. It’s relevant to mention that it’s extremely unlikely that any of the art included in the portfolio belongs to the upcoming unannounced game, as it’s never published before a game’s announcement.

Interestingly, there even is some concept art from older Resistance games (on which Yatomi worked) and some of Biblical inspiration, like the Crossing of the Red Sea and Noah’s ark on Mount Ararat.

Under the gallery you can then find a lovely video in which Yatomi talks about his work and shows us how it’s done.

Yatomi is also an extremely talented painter, and you can check out his fine art gallery here. Finally, you can hear him talk about his art and his work at Sony Bend in a brief audio interview just below, courtesy of OPBtv’s State of Wonder.

One thing is for sure: while we still don’t know much about Sony Bend’s upcoming game, one of the most crucial phases that leads to the creation of its visual style are in the hands of a man that not only shows extreme talent, but also carries years of PlayStation history on his shoulders.