Check Out the Mighty Tirpitz: Coming Soon on World of Warships

Check Out the Mighty Tirpitz: Coming Soon on World of Warships

As you probably noticed if you follow me on Twitter, I’ve been playing quite a bit of the open beta of World of Warships lately. It was inevitable, considering my passion for World War II’s history. The fact that the game also lacks World of Tanks‘ absolutely nasty premium ammunition system also topped me in its favor.

Soon, Wargaming is going to sell a brand new tier VIII premium battleship with the Tirpitz, the pride of the German Navy. Not only it’s quite the beautiful beast, but it also seems to bring to the table something new, being the only torpedo-armed battleships in the game.

It also seems to behave a lot like a cruiser in other aspects, like rate of fire, gun traverse and reload rate and speed.

YouTube user iChaseGaming actually posted an extensive video of the Tirpitz, that he had a chance to try out before its release, and you can check it out below.

The only big question mark remains the price. Many speculate it will be around 50 bucks, which is somewhat in line with the current prices of high tier premium ships. If that’s the case, I’ll stick to my Japanese line and see it only through the aiming reticle of my guns. Yet, your mileage may vary.

Since here at DualShockers we are encouraged to write to our heart’s content about the games we play, you can expect more coverage of this budding game down the line. So far, it has very nice potential.