Check Out the New Ocarina of Time Speedrun Record

Check Out the New Ocarina of Time Speedrun Record

Looks like there is a new The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time speedrun champion.

User Jodenstone nailed a new record run of the game in 18 minutes and 07 seconds, shaving three seconds off of Cosmo’s previously held record of 18:10. Three seconds seems like very little time, but each one is critical when speedrunning a game the size of Ocarina of Time.

Jodenstone’s record is for an any% speedrun, meaning he made the game roll the credits in as little time as possible using anything available to him within the game like tricks and glitches. For completing the challenge the Chinese version of the game was used, which has less text to skip through compared to the English version for maximizing time. The record was set on Jodenstone’s 2657 attempt to nab the world record.

Considering Ocarina of Time is now over 16-years-old, it is impressive that fans are still finding ways to complete the game quicker than they already have. The video has yet to be uploaded to YouTube, but you can watch the Twitch TV vod of the new record below.

Watch live video from Jodenstone on Twitch