Check Out the New PlayStation App 2.0 Tablet Layout

Check Out the New PlayStation App 2.0 Tablet Layout

Updates! Updates everywhere! Today, the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.0 “Masamune” finally released and with it brought huge changes to the system including themes, “Share Play,” and YouTube support. But Sony Computer Entertainment didn’t stop there. Another PlayStation property that has been in need of a new coat of paint was the PlayStation mobile app, which received its very own two dot oh update.

Today, not only did the PlayStation app get a visual update, it also introduced a brand new layout (finally) for tablets.

With that in mind  I fired up the iPad to have a quick look at what has changed. The home screen immediately looks similar to what you find on the mobile app, but as you starting peeking around the different options and tabs such as “Live from PlayStation” or “What’s New” you will quickly realize that the tablet layout closer mimics what we’ve become used to on the PS4 and that’s likely because of that added screen real estate. Browsing on the tablet, in certain areas of the UI, really feels like browsing on your PS4.

One thing that hasn’t changed however, is the ability to browse the store or watch streams natively within the app. Clicking on the PlayStation store link will open your device’s browser to do your shopping. When you try to open a stream, if you have either Twitch or uStream installed, it will still forward your request to the app (at least that’s how it was on iOS). If the app is not downloaded, it too will take you to the devices web browser.

Check out a gallery of screenshots of the PlayStation 2.0 app tablet layout below.