Check Out the Sad Tale of a PS4 Preorder Failure Caught on a Japanese Video

Check Out the Sad Tale of a PS4 Preorder Failure Caught on a Japanese Video

Early this morning the PS4 went up for preorder in Japan, and as I mentioned in a previous article, Sony’s own storefront buckled under pressure, displaying errors and messages inviting users to try at a later time due to heavy traffic.

I actually saw that unfold with my own eyes as I tried in vain to load the page to check the preorders situation and report on it, but you probably didn’t.

Now thanks to a cute and quite sad video by YouTube user AkizukiFactory, you can see it yourself, as you follow an unfortunate Japanese gamer in his or her (mis)adventure to try and preorder the console at Sony’s PlayStation store.

Our hero (or heroine) at first doesn’t even manage to get past the first screen, then when he finally clicks on the much coveted preorder button, the shopping cart page fails to work until, thirty minutes later, everything ends in failure.

While the video is all in Japanese, here are a couple highlights from the narration:

“And it’s time-up. Sayonara Sony Store, sayonara PS4. It’s a goodbye.” “Today’s mission has failed. There are no continues. It’s (the harsh) reality. Too bad.”

The description of the video is also quite funny:

Operation Date: October the 5th, 2013 (07: 00 AM)

Operation name: “Sony Store Uproar Tune”

Description: Preorders of  PS4 start from 07:00 AM on October the 5thon the Sony Store. Take part in it and secure preorder as soon as possible.

Time limit: 07:30 AM

Victory Conditions: Successful Preorder
Defeat Conditions: Preorder Failure

PS: If the preorder fails, move to Plan B as soon as possible.

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t quite sad, and it’s not surprising that Sony received numerous harsh comments today on the official Play Community blog, where the Tokyo Game Show message from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Hiroshi Kawano, in which he apologized for the release delay to February the 22nd and promised to make it up, was ablaze with perspective customers not exactly happy about their own preorder failures.

Anyway, check the video out below. I wonder if Plan B was successful…