Check Out This Awesome Jewel Covered Kinect

on December 16, 2010 9:00 PM

Check Out This Awesome Jewel Covered Kinect

Some people feel that Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensing device is a bit too expensive, with a princely $150 price tag. Apparently, some felt like $150 wasn’t quite expensive enough, so they went and dipped the device in glittery Swarovski crystals, bumping it up to more than four times the price.For a whopping $631, you too can have your Kinect lavished with over five thousand light-catching jewels. Alternately, you can buy a Kinect sensor for you and three of your friends.

Just imagine how awesome owning one of these would be. Now you can dance in front of your TV while being blinded by the pure pimpage that is this sensor. And remember class, if you find yourself running out of things to spend money on, you might want to consider taking up a charity. Hit the break to see this beast in action.


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