Check Out What Rainbow Six Patriots Might Look Like

Check Out What Rainbow Six Patriots Might Look Like

Yesterday saw the announcement of a new game in the Rainbow Six franchise, Patriots.  Today, we have a speculative trailer from the developers that shows off what they hope the game will look like.  This is reminiscent of the infamous Killzone 2 trailer that Sony showed off at E3 that may or may not have been pre-rendered, except here, Ubisoft Montreal is being upfront and telling us “this is not actually in game footage,” but rather what they want the game to be like.  I have to say though, for a speculative trailer, they have some particularly awesome design decisions.

I just hope these choices pan out; moral choices in a game are challenging to get right.  They have to make sure that the decisions are not forced and actually challenge the players sense of morality without being quite too obvious.  Here, we actually see hints at some shades of grey.  That said, it is a game, and I can tell you right now, I already want to save everyone and be the “good” guy.

Check out the video after the jump.

Feel free to tell us what you make of this not-gameplay footage.  I’m actually curious to see if people like the concepts, or if you hate being teased with what might be.  Personally, I enjoyed the trailer, especially the rather intriguing end.  Here is to hoping this game pans out.

It is also very interesting that the Creative Director states flat out that they’re worried that the footage might get leaked, so they’re just going to show us and tell us that it isn’t gameplay footage.  Honesty and being upfront, what a concept!  I like this move a lot, and it avoids a whole lot of annoying nonsense later on down the line.  Kudos Ubisoft, and lets hope this game can live up to the concept you guys have going.