Check Out this Platformer that Media Molecule Created Entirely in Dreams

Dreams has a litany of creative tools and Media Molecule shows off one way that you can utilize them in a new video.

on March 25, 2018 6:43 PM

Media Molecule has talked a lot about all of the creative tools that will be at your disposal in their upcoming title Dreams, but we haven’t seen much of what the final results of those tools could be. Recently though, Media Molecule gave us one new example.

During Train Jam 2018, a 52-hour train ride from Chicago to San Francisco leading into GDC, four members of Media Molecule utilized Dreams’ creative tools to make a stylistic platforming game that they called Comic Sands. The game features a smiling little square character that bounces around between comic book type panels. Media Molecule released a short video showing off a little more than 90 seconds worth of Comic Sands running within Dreams.

This is an interesting example of just what can be done within Dreams, especially in such a short period of time. When Dreams gets into the hands of consumers, it should be intriguing to see what people can create with more time.

You can find the video below showing off Comic Sands in action, running entirely in Dreams. When it comes to a release date, Dreams still doesn’t have a specific window other than 2018. Whenever it does launch, it will be coming exclusively to PS4.

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