Check Out Super Chariot in This Exclusive Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Check Out Super Chariot in This Exclusive Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer

Roll the dead king's body to a suitable tomb in Super Chariot, coming out on May 10 with both digital and physical editions.

Releasing with a new trailer exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, the people at Microids show off the system’s potential for its co-op capabilities in their platform-puzzler, Super Chariot. This isn’t the first time the title has visited a Nintendo system. It was released prior in 2014 on the Wii U and other non-Nintendo platforms, with a title simply known as Chariot.

Super Chariot is a 2D platformer with co-op and single player modes. You can choose to play as the Princess, or her fiancé, and it is your duty to deliver the king’s body to a proper tomb for burial. In order to get there, you must pull a chariot with the royal corpse to a suitable location, or else the king’s ghost might get a little cross with you.

Rolling around on two giant wheels, the Princess and her fiancé must puzzle their way through the depths of the underground to make their delivery. There are 25 levels you can explore together, along with shiny treasure to discover, plus secret passages to unknown locations.

The Nintendo Switch version of Super Chariot allows players to experience co-op gameplay through local multiplayer mode, TV mode, or tabletop mode. Handheld mode also supports single-player modes for those who are on the go.

Super Chariot will be available for purchase on May 10 in both digital and physical editions, with the Premium physical edition giving players the cartridge, the Royal Gadget Pack with 5 new gadgets and 1 new player, and the digital original soundtrack. As said before, Super Chariot can be found on other platforms, but is titled Chariot. It was released in 2014 on Android, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Want to see what Super Chariot has to offer on the Nintendo Switch? Then check out the new exclusive launch trailer below.