Check Out Kyrat's 'Lowlands' in this New Far Cry 4 Video Series

October 10, 2014

We are just a little over a month away from Far Cry 4 and I’m getting more excited every day. Yesterday, we got a taste of some of the crazy things to come in Far Cry 4 with a trailer featuring some Childish Gambino (and a little Elphant booty), but today we are getting more focus on the actual setting itself – Kyrat.

The remote and ancient paradise that Ubisoft has crafted as a fictional piece of the Himalayas is vast and diverse, with the first video focusing in particular on the Lowlands. The Lowlands feature narrow roads and marshes, with small villages where the local villagers live. All in all, it seems to be one of the tamer locations, and reminds me vaguely of the setting from Far Cry 3.


One of Pagan Min’s primary goons named Paul Depleur is also featured in the short video. Depleur is essentially Min’s general and helps run guns, drugs and tea, all while torturing villagers. He isn’t exactly a nice guy, but what did you expect from a guy who hangs with a psychopath?

Primary transportation in the area will be civilian vehicles like trucks and vans, along with more area specific rides like tuk-tuks, hovercrafts and gyrocopters. All in all, it looks really, really good thus far, even if it looks a little bit like a Far Cry 3.5 as far as features go. I’m looking forward to it and I want to know if you are to. Let me know what was your favorite thing you saw in this video in the comments below!

Andrew Matt

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