Check Out New Footage of Heat Signature, The Spaceship Boarding Game From the Developers of Gunpoint

on November 19, 2014 9:12 PM

Tom Francis, former PC Gamer editor and the developer behind Gunpoint, has released new footage of his latest game Heat Signature today.

The new game is based on the concept of taking a small one man shuttle and boarding randomly generated spaceships to complete missions like assassinations or picking up packages. While doing this you must be aware of your heat signature as you get close to the ships and attack to their airlocks. Once inside, you can use stealth or simply shoot your way through to your objectives in a top town perspective.

Heat Signature, in many ways, reminds me of sort of a blend between FTL and Hotline Miami, two of my favorite indie games to come out in recent years. The unique mixture looks like it can be highly addicting and something worth keeping an eye on. Testing for the game will be available soon and you can sign up on the Heat Signature website.

Check out the full nine minutes of Francis having fun in his own game below to see Heat Signature for yourself. The game is set to release on PC and possibly other platforms at a yet to be determined time.

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