Check Out the Launch Trailer for BOID, A Class Based RTS From the Developers of Contre Joir

on December 29, 2014 7:02 PM

Developer Mokus Games, the developers behind Apple’s 2011 iPad Game of the Year Contre Joir, has released the launch trailer for BOID today. BOID is a class based real-time strategy game that puts its focus on quick thinking and ruses, rather than brute force.

BOID is a big shift for Mokus Games, moving from developing mobile puzzle games to multiplayer focused PC games, but the early impression is certainly intriguing. The game places all its focus on providing a streamlined multiplayer experience with unique classes for players to explore. A match takes merely minutes to complete, making it more approachable than say Starcraft, and avoids emphasis on simply amassing units to overpower your foes. Some crafty thinking and stealthy tactics can allow losing players to turn things around at the last moment, creating tense battles.

The game will debut with functional multiplayer with a planned single player component being added at a later date. BOID will be available on PC via Steam Early Access next week on January 8th for $2.99, a price that will eventually rise to the final price tag of $9.99.

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