Check Out this New Dreadnought Video with Developer Commentary

Check Out this New Dreadnought Video with Developer Commentary

Yager Development has debuted a new video this week showcasing their upcoming spaceship combat game Dreadnought with developer commentary.

The game is currently in pre-alpha and is set to be free-to-play upon its final release. It features five different classes with multiple ships per class, all with fully customizable with different weapons and abilities. The video shows of a game of team deathmatch where these colossal ships get to duke it out.


In the video, we get to see a the developers use a new dreadnought class ship called the Archon into battle. Clever use of shields and offensive firepower to take out weakened foes and bait enemies into poor positions, the game looks great, relatively fast and has plenty of strategy behind it. In the second half of the video the developers show off a support ship, as well as a very heavy duty dreadnought class unit, to continuing showing off the different roles and strategies you must keep in mind while playing the game.

Check out the full video below and keep and eye out for Dreadnought, coming to PC sometime in 2015.