Check Out this Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage of BattleCry

on October 30, 2014 8:02 PM

Bethesda’s new free-to-play multiplayer game BattleCry has received a new trailer today showing of its brutal melee combat.

The game is currently in pre-alpha with a beta period set to take place sometime in 2015, so what is shown off here is hardly complete. That said, it currently looks to be a little rough around the edges or going for a stylistic approach that sort of resembles Dishonored at a glance. Blood sprays in blotches of pure red and white lines accent the movement, giving it almost a cartoon-y vibe similar to Team Fortress 2 that I can’t quite pin down yet.

Regardless, there is tons to like going on here. Crazy folding bows, gigantic swords, massive cleavers and lots of dismemberment. The 32 player PvP game definitely likes to show off its violence with foes being chopped in half both horizontally and vertically and many limbs being severed. It looks like it is coming together nicely and will offer a different type of competitive game to enjoy. You can watch the full trailer below and look out for BattleCry to hit PC sometime in 2015.

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