Checkpoints and Event Courses Coming to Super Mario Maker November 4

on October 27, 2015 10:21 AM

If the Wii U has a flagship release this year, there is no doubt it is Super Mario Maker. The game had a massive advertising campaign and has already sold over one million copies. Nintendo is continuing the support for Super Mario Maker with a pretty noticeable update that is due in November and brings a number of much-requested changes.

First off, the patch will finally bring checkpoint flags to the player’sĀ arsenal of creation tools and allowing for more forgiving levels. Another key change is the ability to change what item comes out of a question block depending on Mario’s size.

A hub world for Event Courses is also coming to Super Mario Maker that highlights special courses, like some made by Facebook employees. Check out the announcement video below:

Super Mario Maker is now available on Wii U

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