Ubisoft Developer May Have Just Teased Child of Light II

Ubisoft Developer May Have Just Teased Child of Light II

Following the announcement of Child of Light coming to Switch, one of the game's developers might have just teased that a sequel is in the works.

It was announced this morning that both Child of Light and Valiant Hearts would be coming to the Nintendo Switch this Fall. In the process of this announcement, we may have just seen a tease at what might be coming down the pipeline from Ubisoft Montreal as well.

In a recent tweet from Ubisoft Creative Director Patrick Plourde, he revealed an image of Child of Light running on the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. While this picture may just look like a simple unveiling of what Child of Light looks like running on the Switch, it seems that Plourde might have been using it as a means of teasing something else.

When looking at the top right corner of the image, you can make out the words “of Light II” written on a piece of paper. Given the positioning of the Switch in the picture, you can’t make out the whole of what’s written, but it seems pretty obvious at what is being teased by Plourde.

Of course, don’t get too excited just yet as there is absolutely no confirmation of this happening. Still, Child of Light was incredibly well-received when it first released and the UbiArt style of games that Ubisoft was creating a few years back have been dormant for some time. It wouldn’t be a huge shock to hear that Child of Light was due to get a sequel, but we’ll have to wait to hear more from Ubisoft at a later date.

You can find Plourde’s tweet below and see the image in question for yourself. What do you think? Do you believe Ubisoft is indeed working on a follow-up to Child of Light? Let us know in the comments.