Child of Light TV Series and Werewolves Within Movie Confirmed by Ubisoft in New Video

Child of Light TV Series and Werewolves Within Movie Confirmed by Ubisoft in New Video

Ubisoft Motion Pictures has confirmed that they are working on a Child of Light TV show as well as a Werewolves Within horror-comedy film.

Last week, Variety broke the news that Ubisoft Motion Pictures was planning on developing a live action TV show based on 2014 RPG Child of Light as well as a movie based on the 2016 VR game Werewolves Within. Today, Ubisoft confirmed this themselves in a new video featuring Tasha Huo and Mishna Wolff, the female writers behind these projects.

Tasha Huo describes Child of Light as a “playable fairy tale” that follows a girl on a journey of self discovery and cemented that she doesn’t want to “lose any of that” when adapting the property. Hou’s vision of the project was described as “respectful” and “really cool take” by Ubisoft, so the adaptation was able to come together with very few issues. Tasha Huo is also challenging herself to make sure the gameplay aspects of Child of Light translate well into the medium of television.

As for Mishna Wolff’s Werewolves Within movie, the adaptation exposed itself as a good fit for the writer due to the surprising amount of social commentary and comedy that could be squeezed out of the game’s premise. Wolff specifically describes the film she is writing as a “live action horror-comedy about a small town who takes justice into their own hands,” and has described working on the film as an “easygoing and fun process.”

Both of these writers come from Ubisoft Motion Pictures inaugural Women’s Film and Television Fellowship. Both the aforementioned writers were selected as the first two participants and then spent six months developing their ideas. These aren’t the only projects Ubisoft Motion Pictures has slated either. A Watch_Dogs movie is currently in development as is a movie based on The Division starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain.

Below, you can check this new video out for yourself. While neither project has a confirmed release date or window, a live-action Child of Light TV series and a film adaptation of Werewolves Within are currently being worked on at Ubisoft Motion Pictures.