Unique SRPG Children of Zodiarcs Gets Mechanics Detailed at Montreal DemoNight 2017

Developer Cardboard Utopia further explains the mechanics of their SRPG Children of Zodiarcs.

on February 1, 2017 2:04 PM

Cardboard Utopia appeared at this year’s Montreal DemoNight 2017 to show new gameplay from their SRPG Children of Zodiarcs, coming to PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac in early 2017.

The presentation details how players will approach the turn based battles found in the game. Evidently, after approaching an enemy on the grid-based maps, players will get to roll dice to determine the outcome of the attack. However, the developer comments that this mechanic is not totally RNG based, players are able to chose dice to re-roll in order to try their attack again.

Children of Zodiarcs is a Square Enix Collective approved game that ran a successful Kickstarter campaign reaching well above the campaign’s goal.

You can watch the presentation below:

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