Child’s Play Charity Raised $3.5 Million in 2011

Child’s Play Charity Raised $3.5 Million in 2011

Is that fantastic or what? That’s $3.5 million dollars worth of video games, books and toys sent to children stuck in over 70 hospitals around the world.

While it may seem like a silly goal to some, I can tell you first hand how much something as simple as a Gamecube and a copy of Super Mario Sunshine does to raising the spirits of a child stuck in bed for days at a time.

I lost my best friend Liz last October to cancer, but before that she spend four long years in and out of the local children’s hospital battling various forms of the disease. The same energetic, rambunctious softball player I met seven years ago, who introduced me to video games and is 90% of the reason why I am so Zelda-obsessed today, was stuck in bed with a leg made out of titanium and strict doctor’s orders to stay there.

When a child is stuck in the hospital, anything and everything that can get his or her mind off the illness and onto something fun is nothing short of a miracle. Liz came from a family of gamers and always had her own systems with her, but many other children were not so fortunate. The hospital had a “Child Life” center with a couple of battered Gamecubes and a small collection of kid-friendly games, and it was always in high demand with the patients.

To end a long, sad story, let me say that I fully applaud everything Child’s Play has done and continues to do, and I wish them even better luck next year.

If you wish to support Child’s Play or find out how you can help, check out their website.